Thursday, May 15, 2008

Digital Dunfee

So I have realized that this blog is becoming more of a daily journal of my trip to Mexico. If you like it, cool. If not, stop reading. It gives me something to do when the wind is onshore.hahaha. After too many conversations about how easy it is to swim with fins and get stuck inside with the camera rather than dipping them with a big surfboard we came to a stand. This happened this morning and yesterday when the waves were small and it was time to test each others theory. I grabbed Derek's 6'8 and paddled out for a few while he stepped into my fins and fired away. He did a pretty good job I must say. He stayed in the zone, tried doing some passbys, and get the horizon straight (most the time). Here's one that he snapped of me from the morning. Monster came into town yesterday afternoon with a quiver of some sweet new sticks and is frothing to get some barrels. Hopefully the waves pick up and the wind stays nice...Time will tell. Ok, now it is time for me to go, we just got back from the Super Che market and I have a warm chocolate toasty croissant that came straight from the oven to my bag to be bought for a whopping 30 cents...Until next time hombres
Oh yeah, Tonight is Poker night so there should be some stories for tomorrow!


Abstract Lines said...

Yo NA ! Yo 6'8" looks small on you. What you get one growth spurt !

Todd Glaser said...

hahaha, yeah that thing was a potato chip!