Wednesday, April 27, 2011

put a bird on it

I had breakfest with a friend from New York about a month ago and in our discussion between California and New York he mentioned that anything is considered cool in NY if it has a fixed gear and cool in California if it has a bird...this ones for you amigo..sunrise swim this morning.

brown pelican. sunrise at cardiff by the sea. april 27 2011

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

vans Joel Tudor ad

joel cleaning the board

original logo

This past winter in Hawaii Joel was kind enough to let my girlfriend and I stay at his house in Hawaii...The day we shot this photo was probably one of the flattest days we had ever seen the north shore in the winter, but that didn't stop us from surfing!  We went into Haleiwa and borrowed a '65 Bing Copeland 9'9 and went surfing out at Vland..This is Joel on one of his first waves riding the board.  Joel surfed this board better than I have seen him surf any other longboard (except for his 10'0 Wayne Rich)..Below is a video from Vans of Joel talking about the board and footage of the day we shot the photo

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Every once in ahwhile I'll go through my harddrive and pull random images that never made the cut into the magazine and if it weren't for this blog would never be seen.  Some may not be composed the best, or perfectly exposed, but there's something that I like about all of them...little moments in time.

jack freestone. Dragon offices. September 2010

mikey detemple. santa cruz coffee shop. jan 2011

mikala jones, rusty and greg long. jan 2011

log cabins hawaii. december 2010

brett simpson and tom curren. hawaii 2010

kelly slater. backdoor. pipemasters 2010

joel tudor and ezra. night training in hawaii 2010

dane, blair, shea, and mc checking the shot from the last wave.  MC's shot made the cover on a $20 rangefinder. mine was the Quiksilver ad, and Blairs is sitting on a harddrive somewhere. Shea was surfing. july 2010

dane reynolds. super 8 projects. cabo july 2010

Reef Mcintosh Dragon ad

reef mcintosh. Dragon ad. backdoor, hawaii 2010

Thursday, April 21, 2011

moto x

Today I drove up to Temecula to meet up with Robbie Maddison to shoot his new Dragon ad.  He just moved into this really cool house with its own foam pit and track...We'd never met before, but he was really nice and easy to work with..Especially considering he had a bad fall last week in Dubai which left half his leg black and blue...This was the third time we had tried to shoot together as the first two times were rained out..I think we got some cool shots together..The stuff he was doing on his bike was amazing..Never seen anything like it..This is an outtake of one of his friends during there warmup run.

Brett Simpson

brett simpson photographed on the goldcoast of australia in february 2011.

Ace Buchan

One of the nicest humans ever..Ace Buchan..goofyfoot. 1 snapshot on the goldcoast of australia. feb 2011. 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

westeran australia empty

2 guys out. waves ridden for 5 hours. 1000 people about 1/2 a mile up the road and 1 10 foot shark sighted the next day.  beach closed. western australia april 2011.

clouds in tavarua

tavarua. fiji. april 2011

Saturday, April 9, 2011

having fun

timmy reyes. western australia. april 2011