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Swell is filling in

joel tudors elbow this morning

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San Diego Magazine January 2010 cover shoot

San Diego Magazine does an annual "50 People to watch" issue.  Without knowing, a couple of months ago my girlfriend emailed there editors about Derek Dunfee and his achievement with winning Billabongs XXL last year and they responded back with wanting to put him in the magazine as one to watch along with putting his mug on the cover!  We went through a number of images that we had shot and the magazine decided it would be most fitting to have a portrait of Derek on the cover with San Diego in the background.  After discussing with Derek we wanted to make it look natural and shoot it at his homebreak of Windansea.  The portrait images that were ended up using were shot the day we got home from a strike mission up to Mavericks in November.  As tired as we were, we knew the light was going to be good and had to meet a deadline.  Here are a few of the options they had for the cover and the one they decided to go with.  I owe a very big thank you to Jenna for making this all happen, Lisa Williams at San Diego Magazine for being so cool and easy to work, and Derek.  Thank you!

Dereks winning XXL wave

Puerto 2007

Puerto 2007

Windansea Nov  2009

Windansea Nov 2009

Windansea Nov 2009 (selected)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hawaii part 2 of ...

A lot has happened since my first day in Hawaii...

Pipe got good.

Waimea got big...again

The Eddie ran..Congrats GREG!!!!

The Pipe Masters started day 1

Had a half day yesterday

Mark Cunningham bodysurfed for 8 hours

Mick Fanning won the world title

This little girl could care less.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hawaii part 1 of ...

Flew to Hawaii for what is forecasted to be the biggest swell in 1969.

After an awesome session at Waimea we came in and built a wall to block the water from flooding our home.

This is our crew.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Old film scans

Here's a few old slide scans I found on my first harddrive.  It brings me back to all the memories of shooting and not seeing the film for weeks after until I came home, hoping that I didn't mess up.  At this point of me shooting, I had no idea what the settings on the camera meant or why I shot the way I did, but I knew how to swim and was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time...

puerto escondido 2004

Dino Miranda Puerto 2007

Brian Conley 2007

Spencer Skipper 2006

Zach Keenan


Scotty Hammonds likes the chargers more than you do.

Chris Christenson

Earlier in the year I was fortunate enough to check out Christensons shop just after he had retrofitted his walls with his WW1 submarine camo.  Here's a few pics that I recently came across and thought they were cool.  You can check his boards out at

the shaping bay

proof they work

a new hull

the man himself