Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Old film scans

Here's a few old slide scans I found on my first harddrive.  It brings me back to all the memories of shooting and not seeing the film for weeks after until I came home, hoping that I didn't mess up.  At this point of me shooting, I had no idea what the settings on the camera meant or why I shot the way I did, but I knew how to swim and was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time...

puerto escondido 2004

Dino Miranda Puerto 2007

Brian Conley 2007

Spencer Skipper 2006

Zach Keenan


Bogus said...

film rules.

Mr_Wolly said...

todd...these pixs r amazin...hw long wer u in d water 2 get tt barrel shot..fuh yeahh man..

Todd Glaser said...

THanks guys...FIlm does rule!
Mr_Wolly...depends on the size of the wave, but sometimes we get lucky and get a shot in the first 5 minutes, other times, it's a lot of swimming and no shots.

Kelsey Leigh said...

those are rad todd!!