Sunday, April 24, 2011


Every once in ahwhile I'll go through my harddrive and pull random images that never made the cut into the magazine and if it weren't for this blog would never be seen.  Some may not be composed the best, or perfectly exposed, but there's something that I like about all of them...little moments in time.

jack freestone. Dragon offices. September 2010

mikey detemple. santa cruz coffee shop. jan 2011

mikala jones, rusty and greg long. jan 2011

log cabins hawaii. december 2010

brett simpson and tom curren. hawaii 2010

kelly slater. backdoor. pipemasters 2010

joel tudor and ezra. night training in hawaii 2010

dane, blair, shea, and mc checking the shot from the last wave.  MC's shot made the cover on a $20 rangefinder. mine was the Quiksilver ad, and Blairs is sitting on a harddrive somewhere. Shea was surfing. july 2010

dane reynolds. super 8 projects. cabo july 2010

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