Monday, May 5, 2008

day 1

Dear Diary, hahaha just kidding. So I was going to write this on a crumbled up piece of paper in a rundown, shitty hotel in a small fishing village in mexico until I told myself that would be a lie. I am living the life right now. I'm staying in a newly built hotel thats 3 times the size of my room back home. Fresh tile on the floor, ocean view, refrigerator, stove, microwave, and a shower with cold and HOT water. I feel weird complaining except for the shitty plumbing (literally) that just gave out. Oh well, things could be much worse. Dunfee and I flew in last night on a flight that was too easy, fell asleep on the ground in LA and woke up 15 minutes before we landed. That nap helped in avoiding the airplane food, those weird conversations with people that never stop talking on the plane and any other annoyances that can happen on a long flight (kids screaming, constant tapping, and people who listen to there ipod so loud you can hear it from 3 rows away. The second flight went smooth as silk except for one unfornate soul who ate the breakfest on the first flight and spent the final flight on all fours throwing it up. After a quick check in, I went for a surf in the water that must have been close to 90 to get the old legs working after so much sitting. An afternoon of waves followed by my favorite fajitas made for an early night. This morning had a few gems in the mix. The crowd was thick, but the boys all got a few. It felt great to get sucked over the falls on a few and pushed around by the ocean. Sometimes I forget if the ocean in Southern California knows how to do that (it is spring time). So here I am sitting my plush room, ipod bumping tunes, the wireless internet has been getting put to full use and below is an empty that snuck through the pack this morning. All in less than 24 hours...I love this place!