Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Captains log day 2

Today was another day in paradise that started a little slower than expected. We got up extra early and jammed out to the lineup running down the beach as we saw perfect waves breaking, got in the water and didn't catch a wave for the first hour and a half. We tried to shoot with my flash rig, but by the time the sun was out, not one wave had come close to where we were. It was as if someone was doing everything they could to make sure we didn't get a shot. We went in with out confidence bruised and questioning whether or not to shoot without a flash. Somehow Derek talked me in to going back out and sure enough, within 10 minuetes we had 3 solid waves packed and were loving life. Our session was going sweet until his board snapped on a smaller one, and sure enough the wind switched right after. No worries though, he recruited back to his room and I did my daily afternoon siesta which I woke up for just in time to watch the sunset, swim some laps in the pool and eat some food. It's 10pm, I couldn't go to sleep if I wanted to as a result of my siesta that went way too long. It's hotter than hell right now and the ice-cream I just ate was clinging on to the cone before melting away in mere seconds of being pulled from the safety of the freezer. Another good day, some sick shots, and tomorrow should be on all over again! Signing out for the night and its time to pop in Superbad. Oh yeah, Just when I thought Ichat wasn't enough to communicate with my friends over the internet, Skype was introduced. Its as if you never need to talk to anyone ever anymore, typing is the new talking.

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