Tuesday, May 13, 2008


We have hit the jackpot! Mexican food is one of my favorite kinds of food and we have been eating at the best Mexican food place in town. I don't know the name, nor do I know how to get back there, but the food is that good I will find a way. I knew we had struck gold when I looked in to see a team of senoritas working away all in the name of food. This isn't no golf team either where theres a caddy and hitter, this is the realm deal. I'm talking a kitchen that could fit a whole football team inside doing nothing but boiling beans, cutting meat, making tortillas, cutting nopales (cactus) and making the freshest juice around. It is too good not to boast about. We went there this morning after our surf. The waves were nearly 1/2 the size of yesterday, so I took out Derek's board for a few. For being small, the waves still packed a punch and sent me swimming in for the board more than I would like to admit. The Hotel is beginning to fill up with people from Australia, Israel, Norway, and a few other countries. The pool is the place to be midday, and the pooltable determines whose Ipod gets played on the surround sound. My Bronze is coming in nice and the beard isn't far behind. It's been almost 10 days without taking a proper shower and I wouldn't doubt if my fellow neighbors started to say something. Who cares? I surf all morning, cruise poolside all day, than surf at night...WHo needs shampoo anyways? sorry mom...hahaha. Alright well its back to, shit I have nothing else to do, oh well. This blog has become more of a stream of consciousness with no editing, is that a bad thing? No, I dont think so...Peace out

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