Sunday, February 3, 2008

night of legends

Went to the screening of Sliding Liberia last night and am truly inspired. The cinematography was amazing and I was lucky enough to meet the man behind the camera Dave Homcy. Absolute legend. His work in this film was amazing, yes for those of you who care, or should care...It was all shot on 16mm film. Yes sir, 200fps of pure gold. The story in the film was one like non-other I had seen in a surf film. Is it a surf film? I reckon it's more of a documentary with surfing in it. Chris Del Moro was rocking some sick new threads from his hidden thrift store spots in Encinitas and the party moved to Sandbar after the film was over to watch Todd Hannigan play a kick-ass set. It was going off! Well, the superbowl is on, so I'm outta here...


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Collectic said...

Your epic, thanks for bringing such a great energy to the event.