Thursday, December 23, 2010

more snapshots from more places

I have been very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to travel the world photographing some of the best surfers and waves around.  Usually for the surf magazines and advertisers, they request digital because it is easier for them to see the images the day the were shot and apply them to the layouts and whatever other needs they are after at the time.  The reason above, along with many more are why so many photographers have gone entirely digital.  Aesthetics aside, digital is great.  It serves it's purpose for some looks.  That is not to say that we should throw all our film cameras away.  I always keep a film camera or two in my bag for when the surfing is over and all the megapixels in the world couldn't show what a roll of Tmax can show...So here, below this is a sample of some snapshots (straight out of the camera) from the past few months of chasing waves with my friends and what in my opinion looks far better than any digital image would look like with or without photoshop

Jenna at home

Looking out the window of my friends house in Hawaii...The wind just switched offshore

Mick Fanning at home in Hawaii checking the score of the Charger game

Board cemetery at the Quiksilver house on the Northshore

Joel Tudor cleaning the dust off an old 1963 Bing we borrowed to surf when it was small in Hawaii

Derek Dunfee waxing up his 10'0's at a motel in Half Moon Bay before a big day in November of this year

Barbwire in Big Sur

Sunset reeds in Big Sur

6 trees

My friend Pat and I decided to go skate down in San Diego about a month ago on a rainy day...He nearly broke his arm after I zigged instead of zagged with the camera...we had fun and this kid was laughing at us..he ripped.

Pat again

Dane almost made the final this year..he was sooooo close. His semi against Jeremy Flores had 3 waves break in the 30 minutes the heat went on..This is him waxing his board just before he went out.

The Gudauskas brothers along with Dylan Graves and Nolan Hall at there house at Sunset this winter

Joel riding down to go surf sunset one evening

Weird light leak makes for an interesting effect...Not too sure how I feel about it, but there's something about this photo that I like so I'm putting it up anyways

Joel organizing his boards...I think the tape on my film came undone on this roll as there are a few lightleaks and such.


Anonymous said...

Such great images Todd. You are truly gifted behind the lens. Best of luck in 2011!

Tim Ryan

ewarner said...

Ya Todd! Way to see past the technological bs and load a roll of film. Good on ya mate!

Maggie said...

Todd, i love '6 trees"
i also love your continued use and appreciation of film. ;)

Todd Glaser said...

Thanks for all the kind words Tim, Eric and Maggie...I am excited to see what tomorrow brings, let alone all of 2011..Eric and Maggie, keep the emulsion society alive!!