Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Kelly Slater foundation

Quiksilver Foundation and Kelly Slater Announce "10 for TEN"
December 21, 2010

In honor of Kelly Slater's historic 10th ASP World Surfing Championship, and in recognition of Kelly's philanthropic nature, the Quiksilver Foundation is pleased to announce "10 for TEN" and will be donating a total sum of $100,000 to benefit 10 non-profit organizations selected by The Champ himself.

The Quiksilver Foundation's "10 for TEN" has given Kelly the opportunity to create awareness and support for non-profit organizations that he is passionate about and that deserve a celebratory donation. Partnering with the Quiksilver Foundation, Kelly reviewed numerous worthy causes and selected 10 non-profits that will each receive a donation of $10K in celebration of his 10th ASP World Surfing Championship.

"Ten $10,000 donations is really special. As a kid I could not have fathomed being able to give such a nice gift to charities I believe in and it was totally unexpected! Thank you again to Quik and the Quik Foundation, and I hope these special groups find this to be a big help in the holiday months," said Kelly.

The 10 beneficiaries are:

$10K - Mauli Ola Foundation
$10K - Na Kalai Wa'a Moku O Hawai'i
$10K - Kokua Hawai'i Foundation
$10K - Space Coast Early Intervention Center
$10K - Best Friends Animal Society
$10K - Boys and Girls Club of San Clemente
$10K - Smile Train
$10K - Waves for Water
$10K - LA Surf Bus Foundation
$10K - SurfAid

"We are excited to be working with The Champ on selecting caring organizations, all with good causes, that are more than deserving of $10K each in honor of Kelly's 10th World Title," said Ryan Ashton, Director of the Quiksilver Foundation. "All of his selections fall in line with the Quiksilver Foundation's mission to support environmental, educational, health and humanitarian projects."

Each of the causes selected have impacted Kelly's life in some meaningful way. By spreading the $100,000 evenly among the 10 non-profits Kelly hopes that each beneficiary will use the donation for the betterment of their individual causes and together they will make a difference for our global community.

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