Saturday, September 6, 2008

Double N stands for Nick Name...

Nicknames to the aussies are a rights of passage. Without nicknames and there quick sense of humor we would be left pronunciating every vowel and consinent in every person we interacted with. Where they come from and how they think of them is a secret that I sure as hell don't know the answer to. It was first brought to my attention when I was getting a phone number. 8226 isn't pronounced eight-two-two-six, it is simply reffered to as eight double-two six. Maybe its there love of beer, or there constant heckling of one another, either way there a classic group of characters that I have become friends with over the years. This last week I had the pleasure of tracking down waves through the jungles of Central America with the Kieren, Purcho, Jamahl, and Jesse from Rhythm Clothing and Chris Del Moro. The boys had us laughing nonstop the whole time. Within the first few minutes of the trip we were all going by names that at times had nothing to do with our original ones, but were funny none the less. The captain of our boat (and by boat I mean ponga) was first called el capitan, before the smooth transition into Captian Morgan, than just Morgan, and finally Morgs. To be perfectly honest I couldn't tell you his birth given name, but he was psyched. The rest of the cast and crew from our little adventure will simply be reffered to as "old mate." We found some fun waves, had more than our share of laughs, saw an amazing country, and made some new mates. A big thank you goes out to Jamahl and the rest of the crew at Rhythm for bringing me out to shoot and share in the good times!

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