Sunday, July 27, 2008

dirt, wind, more dirt, and no shade

Another last minute trip came up hours before we left to chase down a hurricane that was brewing off the coast of baja. I'd rather not speak too much about where we went except for the fact that there was a lack of shade, no wind protection, hours of driving, and the occasional wave. This mission was like no other I had experienced. Hours and hours of driving, boat rides, and more seagulls than I had ever seen. They would surround us and swoop in at any given moment, not to mention shit on everything. They were straight out of the movie "Birds." I got chased out of the water twice by a sea lion that made an RV look small. The book I brought was done in the first two days and the comfort cookies I brought went just as quick. Since deciding to leave this place I have slept 10 hours in 4 days. I don't know what's going on. So basically I am rambling by now and this is where I begin to sum the trip up. Pack up car, drive too many hours, take a boat, sit in the dirt, surf, shoot photos, sit some more, shoot some more, surf again, more sitting in the dirt, apply sunblock, drink water, eat food, sleep, shoot, surf, sit, shit, surf, sleep, stuff, surf, dig holes, set shit on fire, get sunburned, eat more, surf again, drive more, get the film developed, spend hours going through images, and now ladies and gentleman post this blog. I have never been happier to be back in America. *exhale*

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the Mexican ground hog day, love/hate relationship