Friday, March 18, 2011

The best job in the world..or is it?

I feel like I have the best job in the world...I am so lucky to be given the oppurtunity to watch some of the best surfers in the world do there thing and be a part of a group that defines our surf world at this time.  Sometimes my job is as easy as hanging on the beach and shooting the guys do there thing..Othertimes it's not that easy.  This photo below was from a session earlier in the year at Mavericks when I shot photos off of my friends Jetski..I don't have the best track record with jetskis, but have yet to lose one either!  This session, Derek Dunfee and I drove out to Mavericks in the dark and while he surfed,  I shot photos...During this session a freak accident occured where I had to jump off the ski and let someone else drive the ski to make a rescue..Luckily I had a wetsuit on and camera in a waterhousing so there was no delay..>I jumped in the water, rescue made, everyones ok.  On Wednesday of this week Sion Milosky wasn't so lucky.  He unfortunately got caught in a situation where there was no ski to help him and a two-wave hold down didn't let him back up.  I couldn't imagine how his family is feeling right now during a time like this.  It forces us all to take a good look around us and be fortunate for the presence that our friends and family have among us as well as how important it is to lookout for one another in the water. Below are a couple photos from my last trip to Mavericks where I got to meet Sion and watch him do what he does best in the water...RIP.

cleanup set

Derek likes to shoot photos

Derek took this photo of me after getting heat stroke for being out there too long..I crawled on the dock, puked my brains out, than Derek put me in front of the wall to shoot this photo. photo: dunfee

Sion charging Mavericks earlier this year...RIP

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