Tuesday, October 5, 2010

more wanderings with my film camera

As great as digital is and for so many reasons it makes my life easier, I can't help but go back to using my film cameras.  I really enjoy the look, feel, and overall ease of use.  Sure, sometimes the film takes a few weeks to get developed or the film back leaks light, or a double exposure happens on accident, but it's these spontaneous moments of time captured on film that keep it exciting and fresh.  Below are a few more scans of some film I have shot over the past month.  The digital images are great for clients when you have a specified timeline/deadline and need to ensure you nailed it.  But for shooting on the side and capturing moments off the clock, I wouldn't think of any other medium but film...Enjoy!
half frame flying to Kona from LAX
half frame kayaks in Kona
half frame palm trees
half frame outtakes of Shane Dorian for his profile in Surfer
hasselblad flower
alex knost and tanner prairie doing the trestles walk
Machado outtakes from Dragon optics shoot in wherehouse


Sebastian said...

Find my way to your blogg. Cool. Trying to do something simular but a Swedish version and not the same quallity surfers and surfing.
Gonna keep an eye on your blogg from now on. Thanks for insparation
// Sebastian http://bazmei.bloggsida.se/

James B said...

Right on Todd! I hear what your saying...keep it up!