Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Flying home from Australia

I've been sitting at my house for the past week and trying to take it easy on my wrist so it heals up quickly and I can get back to shooting and surfing sooner rather than later.  As I was cleaning my equipment I realized I still had a couple photos on my CF card from when my flight from Australia home was cancelled.  We ended up spending 13 hours in the airport before Qantas put us up in a sweet hotel for the night before putting us on a new plane the next day.  As we were getting on the bus leaving the airport from the cancelled flight and the morning we got on the flight the next day, the news and media were all over it.  Here's a couple photos of what it was like to be in an airport with cancelled flights, kids screaming, peoples vacations being delayed, crying babies, crying adults, batteries dyeing, flashes popping, faces getting red, lines being formed, irritation levels going up, people being happy, people being sad..good thing is, we all made it home safely the next day...
Day 1..what we wish we were doing

Day 1:12 hours later, walking to the 1 of 2 buses for the 400 people to go to Hotels

Day 2: waiting in line to check in again

Day 2: after checking in the news interviewed a couple of us. I asked to take a photo of the reporter and cameraman, they said it was the first time anyone had done that.

After all was said and done, we made it home safe and despite the delays we got to spend the night in a great hotel with a good meal on Qantas's dime.


Tim said...

Same thing happened to me during my last travels. Imagine everyone in Europe right now?

Krysta J. said...

hahaha, i love the photo of the camera men