Saturday, January 23, 2010

It's always sunny somewhere

After looking at the maps, checking the swell charts, and seeing what the conditions were meant to be like in Southern California, I was pleasantly surprised to get a text from a frothing group of surfers to get on a plane and get away from the rain.  With the thought of heavy onshores and cold weather plagueing home and the chance to wear trunks a viable option. it was on.  4 days. 3 surfers. 2 documenters. 1 hell of a good time.  I must say I have never been on a trip with such a frothing group of guys.  Tanner and Pat Gudauskas along Puerto Ricos own Dylan Graves jumped on the trip to have some fun.  We lucked into some great waves and all managed to get sick from the food.  Here's a couple quick shots from the trip, more to come!

Flying first class...

Day 1

Arcade Fire meets Bruce Springsteen meets Shakira, Johnny Cash and Pat Gudauskas

your's truly sweating it out in the desert once again.

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