Monday, November 9, 2009

with darkness comes light.

the last week has been crazy.  spent the better part of last week in a dark dark room in Santa Barbara printing photos. 

Caught up with a couple friends, jammed down to San Diego and took off the following day on a last minute strike up to Mavericks...22 feet at 20 seconds, I had to see it for myself. 

The wind was a bit funky but the boys still managed to pack a few and all come in, in one piece. 

After the morning session at mavs, we raced back down the coast straight into a full day of surf yesterday and today. 

I'm tired.


Jamie Watson said...

Wow that's cool you went to check out the recent swell at Mavericks. Just wanted to give you props for the Nov. 09 issue of Surfer. I absolutely love the cover.

COLE said...

yea man.. stoked to see your still shooting film and printing! keep the dream alive!


Todd Glaser said...

Thanks for the kind words Jamie..Burch is rad!
Film is the shit!!! I'm trying to set up a darkroom in my friends backyard in Encinitas, so if you need one Cole, it's there for the printing!!!