Thursday, October 29, 2009


EPS is the new polyurethane.  Extruded Polypropylene is the new Polyethylene.  Fishes are the new thrusters. 

I find it funny how the original surfboards were finless.  Than they went to singlefins.  From single fins to Twinnys (thanks MR), than Twinny's to Thrusters (thanks to Simon Anderson), than came quads.  People realized some quads were limiting so they went back to thrusters before getting into the whole fish movement, now hulls are the cool thing (single fins).  Interesting enough Bodyboards have always been finless and are still proven to hold a rail and go fast.


Tim said...

You're a sponger at heart, and I love you for it.

NiZ said...

To paraphrase the old lady in Billy Madison:
"If riding a piece of wood is cool, then I'm Miles Davis"