Saturday, January 24, 2009

Recent Publishings

2009 is here.  2008 came and went and before I know it, 2010 will be knocking on our door and just around the corner.  It's been nearly a month since my last blog and that is far too long.  I have been all over the Pacific coastline chasing down swells for the past month and a half and am enjoying a moment of rain and wind to catch up, get some sleep, and work on some projects at home.  

The Story that I shot in Europe and Spain for Transworld Surf came out last month and I was so stoked on how it came out!  I owe a huge thanks once again to Chris, Justin, Casey, and Aaron at Transworld for sending me over to cover the 2008 Nixon Challenge and another thank you to Mike and Brandon at Nixon.  I hope to be a part of another project soon!

In Last months Surfing Magazine I had a write up in the front end of the magazine about winning the Follow the Light Foundation in addition to two, double page spreads!  One was from a trip to Baja last July and the other was shot in Oceanside during the fall.

During last Novembers large Mavericks Swell.  Derek Dunfee and I flew up last minute to luck into some of the most perfect 40-60 foot waves this stretch of coast has seen in a long time.  Without the use of a jetski or boat to shoot from, I chose to sit on my bodyboard and get a bit closer to the action.  After 11 hours of shooting, my arm was sore, I was freezing, and am stoked that Surfer Magazine did a write-up on me as a contributor photographer in addition to using one of the images as a double page spread!  There is more on the way...

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